Get Started

This section will show you how to create a new Wiki page.

  • Go to the Wiki page of the ICTM/HuCE Institut or your HuCE research group
  • Login with your BFH-Username on the top right of the page
https://www.<institut or researchgroup>

You are now ready to add/edit pages

First think about where your new page should belong to

  • Does it contain general wiki information (e.g how-to)?

.../wiki/<institut>:<existing or new section>:<yourpage>

  • Does it contain information mainly for your research group (cf. How-To of your tools)

.../wiki/<institut>:<researchgroup>:<existing or new section>:<yourpage>

  • Does it contain information concerning the hole HuCE/ICTM (cf. GIT/Jabber)

.../wiki/<existing or new section>:<yourpage>

As you may have notices, you can create a page, by simply entering a new URL in your browser, and separating the sections and subsections by “:”. If your entered URL does not exist, you are asked whether you want to create this page.

Proceed similar to steps shown above (by entering the path to the desired page directly), or navigate to it using the “Wiki-Navigation” always displayed at the right. When you are allowed to edit the page you find an edit button below every editable section

To learn how to edit and neatly design your pages please refer to


Foramting Syntax

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