The MSE-Embedded platform contains one LCD as indicated in the below figure.

The MSE-Embedded board contains a RGB LCD 320*240 pixels. The datasheets can be found here.

The control pins of this LCD which are connected to the FPGA are listed in the table below. An example tcl-file that can be used with Quartus can be found here.

Active Low ResetRESETnPIN_A18
Active Low Chip SelectCSnPIN_G14
Data / Command selection: '1' = Data; '0' = CommandD_CnPIN_H14
Active Low WriteWRnPIN_G15
Active Low ReadRDnPIN_H15
IM0 = 0: 16-bit, IM0 = 1: 8bitIM0G13
Data Bus 0DATA0PIN_G15
Data Bus 1DATA1PIN_E12
Data Bus 2DATA2PIN_E13
Data Bus 3DATA3PIN_F14
Data Bus 4DATA4PIN_E15
Data Bus 5DATA5PIN_F15
Data Bus 6DATA6PIN_E16
Data Bus 7DATA7PIN_F16
Data Bus 8DATA8PIN_C15
Data Bus 9DATA9PIN_D15
Data Bus 10DATA10PIN_C17
Data Bus 11DATA11PIN_D17
Data Bus 12DATA12PIN_C19
Data Bus 13DATA13PIN_D19
Data Bus 14DATA14PIN_A16
Data Bus 15DATA15PIN_B16

The initialization code that can be used with the Nios can be found here (lcd_simple.c) and here (lcd_simple.h).

When choosing 8bit mode (IM0 = 1) use DATA8 - DATA15 as data bus and set DATA0 - DATA7 to 0. In 16-bit mode (IM0 = 0) use DATA0 - DATA15.
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